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Link Version Release date Comments
wmbuild.3.0.tar 3.0 2019 Nov 11 No longer uses X11/OpenGL; prototype of WM Python Interface (WMPI)
wmbuild.2.0.2.a.tar 2.0.2.a 2016 Sept 7 This is 'wm' only (not 'mm') and includes iModel tutorials
wmbuild.2.0.0.tar 2.0.0 2016 Feb 14 Includes binocular MT models
wmbuild.1.0.3.tar 1.0.3 2014 Sept 2 SRF, VHF and retinal wave models
wmbuild.1.0.2.tar 1.0.2 2011 Apr 26 Improved retinal mesh model
wmbuild.1.0.1.tar 1.0.1 2010 Dec 6 Improved demo directory
wmbuild.1.0.0.tar 1.0.0 2010 Dec 1 First release

System Requirements:
  Version 3.0 and later: CC and MPICC.
  Version 2.x.x and earlier: CC, MPICC, OpenGL, X11
Compatible with Mac OS X and Linux.

After downloading the tar file from the above link, use a command like "tar -xvf wmbuild.3.0.tar" to create the directory wmbuild. Then follow the instructions in the README file in that directory.