StimV - Stimulus Viewer

Link Version Release date Comments
stimv.jar 1.0.3 2016 Sept 18 Implements new frameset stimulus, including masking.
stimv.jar 1.0.2 2015 Oct 28 Now includes moving 'mask' feature for barnoise stimulus.
stimv.jar 1.0.1 2015 Jun 14 Show monocular and binocular stimuli, including frameset stimuli.

System Requirements: Java SE 6. Should run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

This Java application is provided as a JAR file that can be downloaded and executed from a command line. To run the application on a stimulus file,
  java -jar stimv.jar [your.stm]
where "[your.stm]" is replaced by the name of your stimulus file.

A sample stimulus file, which can be downloaded and used for testing, is linked here:

A list of many .stm files is available by clicking the Stimuli link on the left from the iModel home page.