nd - nData Viewer and Analyzer

Link Version Release date Comments
nd.jar 1.0.16 2014 Mar 06 Fixed bug in analysis time window size.
nd.jar 1.0.15 2014 Feb 01 Choice probability analysis, and histogram plot type.
nd.jar 1.0.14 2014 Jan 29 The applet version now accepts a configuration file (applet param name "config_file")
nd.jar 1.0.13 2013 Aug 13 Dynamic population map analaysis - implemented for single group.
nd.jar 1.0.11 2011 Aug 26 Continuous channel tuning curve allows F1.
nd.jar 1.0.10 2011 Jul 30 Can open files with event codes
nd.jar 1.0.9 2011 Jun 2 Raster with Stimulus Window option (still a bit buggy)
nd.jar 1.0.8 2011 May 31 Spike-triggered average (STA) analysis.
nd.jar 1.0.6 2011 May 09 Signal correlation analyses: Tuning_Corr
nd.jar 1.0.5 2011 May 05 Spike count analyses: Var_vs_Mean, SC_Corr
nd.jar 1.0.4 2011 Apr 25 More flexibility in handling large raster plots.
nd.jar 1.0.3 2010 Dec 15 Allows longer trial durations for CCG analysis.
nd.jar 1.0.2 2010 Dec 7 Allows duration to vary across trials.
nd.jar 1.0.1 2010 Dec 6 Bug fix: comments on const params.
nd.jar 1.0.0 2010 Dec 5 Test version. First release.

System Requirements: Java SE 6. Should run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

This Java application is provided as a JAR file that can be downloaded and executed from a command line. To run the application on an nData file,
  java -jar nd.jar [your.nd]
where "[your.nd]" is replaced by the name of your nData file.

Or, to browse for files, you can launch nd without an argument,

  java -jar nd.jar

Here is a link to a sample nData file, which can be downloaded and used for testing: